A most do adventure in Belize, just off the Western Highway at the Caves Branch River. With several caves systems, we provide private tours away from the crowds with a local tour guide.

We do transportation all over Belize, and also accommodate tours such as waiting on site or going along, for guests with rental vehicle staying over night in Belize.

Our Cave Tubing tour is number 1 choice for cruise ship guests.

About 7 mile from Franks Eddy Village mile 37 on the George Prices Highway Lets travel into Xibalba where for 1:30 mins-2 hours you will float on tubes on the Caves Branch River. On this tour you will experience the darkness<br /><img src=”″ data-wp-more=”more” data-wp-more-text=”” class=”wp-more-tag mce-wp-more” alt=”” title=”Read more…” data-mce-resize=”false” data-mce-placeholder=”1″ />of the underworld as you float through some of the 7 miles of caves system within the Caves Branch river. Starting with a 20 minutes hike, approximately 1 hour on the cave and a 15 minute of river tubing which brings you back to the park. It all depends on the speed of the water at the moment and of course your timing.<tbody><tr><td><b>What To Bring</b></td><td>Good Hiking Shoe / Sneakers<br />Extra Clothes<br />Towels</td>
</tr><tr><td><strong>INCLUDED</strong></td><td><table class=”table table-bordered” width=”467″><tbody><tr><td><a href=”_wp_link_placeholder” data-wplink-edit=”true” data-mce-href=”_wp_link_placeholder”><i class=”fa fa-check icon-tick icon-tick–on”></i>Park Entrance Fees</a></td><td><i class=”fa fa-check icon-tick icon-tick–on”></i>Cave Tubing</td>
</tr><tr><td><i class=”fa fa-check icon-tick icon-tick–on”></i>Guided Tours</td><td> <i class=”fa fa-check icon-tick icon-tick–on”></i>Drinking Water</td>
</tr><tr><td><i class=”fa fa-check icon-tick icon-tick–on”></i>Transportation</td><td><br /></td>
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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 2 reviews
January 17, 2019

We did cave tubing with Vidal. He was great! Gave us a lot of information about the area. There’s a bit of a hike to get to the actual caves and Vidal even carried my tube for me as we walked along. We always felt safe and that he was very knowledgeable in the whole experience, whether it was safety aspects, history, or just the experience itself. Our tour included a lunch of chicken with rice and beans. It was really tasty. I would recommend using Vidal and his company to anyone looking for this type of tour.

January 17, 2019

Vidal is very knowledgeable about everything we asked from him, gave us information on the history of Belize, took us around the city, showed us key places, to stop by and take pictures. During the tour, he would make sure he told us as much information as possible of the environment, different types of trees, plants, the Mayan history, animals that are seen around, and took us further then most tour guides would! We are vegetarians, made sure we had a vegetarian lunch, helped us pick up the floating tube during the hike! Can’t say enough great things about Vidal! Overall highly recommended! And very fair on his prices

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